Earthly Windows Solo Exhibition in the Ruskin Museum, Coniston, UK

My name is Loek (pronounced as “Look”)
I’m a visual artist working with the medium photography.

A photographic image often does little justice to what is actually in front of the camera. This is because the camera has one fundamental flaw: it has a single, stationary eye. It can capture only a single moment, a single perspective. This is nothing like the experience of reality, in which you are always moving through space and time.

And yet, I love photography and painting. More specifically, I am intrigued by how a three-dimensional space can be reduced to a flat surface: a reduction to the essence, with the suggestion of depth. Especially with photography, you always have the idea the image is authentic, that it truly reflects reality.

Riverlandscape At Wijk bij Duurstede, in Werk aan het Spoel, Culemborg, Lek Art 2022

That’s I why I love photography, and why I love to make books with images.

The way we experience landscape is the theme of my work. How we look at our landscape, how we use our surroundings, and this interaction that becomes visible through the landscape fascinates me.

With this I stand in a long Dutch tradition of creating landscapes. The Netherlands is renowned for its landscape paintings from the 17th century. Which in many ways have shaped the image of The Netherlands.

Sacred Grounds in the Dutch Senate, Photo by Mike Bink

19 photographs on show in the Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen of my series The Limes, February – September 2022

Order my latest book Earthly Windows here:

Earthly Windows is a photographic project on the Experience of the European landscape throughout the ages.


The exhibition in Castle Groeneveld in Baarn, The Netherlands, January-March 2020 has been made possible with the kind support of  Stichting Stokroos