Loek van Vliet (1988) graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2010. Since then he works on long-term photographic projects about the experience of landscape. This results in exhibitions and books like: Earthly Windows, the experience of the European landscape throughout the ages; Sacred Grounds, quiet areas in the Netherlands and Flanders; Natural Climate Buffers. Through these works he conveys what it is like to be in these landscapes. For which he focusses on the perception of landscape, and what the landscape does to the eye of the beholder. His work is amongst others part of the Rijkscollection, the collection of the Dutch Senate, and the collection of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, all in the Hague, and the Art Collection of the University of Leiden. His work is supported through multiple grants, amongst which an Emerging Talent Grant by the Mondriaan Fund. Since 2013 he is a teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, at the department of photography.

Curriculum Vitae

2016-2017 Mentorings program, Talent development Program, Mondriaan Fund, with James Beckett.
2006-2010 Bachelor of Design at Royal Academy of Arts, dept. Photography, in The Hague
2009 Internship with Photographer Jan Banning in Utrecht.

Exhibitions (Selection)

February-May 2022 Group exhibition with The Limes, in Moving Stories, Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen

Sept-December 2021 Solo exhibition Earthly Windows Chapter 4, Gallery Grenz-Blick, Bocholt,Germany

January until march 2020 Solo Exhibition of Earthly Windows, Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn, The Netherlands

April 2018 until Earthly Windows, Chapter 3, The Industrial Revolution part of the
– October 2018 Summer Exhibit, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium

September 2017 until Installation of Can(t) live (t)here in Nutshuis, The Hague (Groupwork)
October 2017
June – September 2017 Earthly Windows, Chapter 4, part of Summer Expo, Leveld, Norway.

21 maart 2017 until Installation of Can(t) live (t)here in Museum Rijswijk (Groupwork)
17 april 2017

28, 29 Oktober 2016 Exhibition Sacred Grounds in Landgoed de Markgraaf at the
Kalmthoutse Heide, Belgium.

June – November 2016 Photographs from Earthly Windows, in a duo Exhibition
[DE]Constructed Landscape. At Eduction Inspection, Utrecht, NL.

April – June 2016 Part of Group exhibtion, Gallery Grenz-Blick, Bocholt, Germany

Febr. 2016 Part of Group exhibition Prospects and Concepts, Art Rotterdam,
Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sept. – Dec. 2015 Solo exhibition Sacred Grounds, Gallery Grenz-Blick, Bocholt,Germany.

June – August 2015 Installation of Climatebuffers in Nutshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

April – August 2015 2 photographs in entrance hall of the exhibition Holland op zijn | Mooist;
Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, Netherlands.
May 2014 Climatebuffers in congress of Coalition Natural Climate Buffers.

June – October 2013 12 photographs of Sacred Grounds exhibited in Gup Gallery
in Club Trouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan. 2013 – present Series Fabelachtige Veentjes (fabulous Veentjes) Doetinchem, NL.
June 3rd Part of group exhibtion in koepeloven DRU, Ulft, Netherlands.
till June 17th 2012 Series The Location, consequences of 9/11 in the Netherlands.
Dutch Paradise, the Inner Garden of the Randstad.

2020 Hendrik Mullerfonds: for Earthly Windows
2019 Stichting Stokroos, Utrecht: For exhibition Earthly Windows
2019 Fonds Kwadraat, for publication Earthly Windows
2014 Stipendium Program for Emerging Artists; Mondriaan Fund.
2011 Grant from Stichting Sem Presser Archive, for series Sacred Grounds

Publications (Selection)
2022 Own written essay: Landscape as Maker and Shaper of Identity, Published by Lectorate of Art, Theory and design, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2022 FD (Dutch Financial Times) 3 spread Article on The Limes
2022 Series The Limes in exhibtion catalogue, Moving Stories ISBN: 978-90-6829-118-6.
2021 Magazine: De Groene Amsterdammer, image of Sacred Grounds
2020 Dutch Art Critic: Merel Bem, in Magazine Focus, on Earthly Windows
2020 FD (Dutch Financial Times) 4 spread Article on Earthly Windows
2020 Earthly Windows, Sub-Publishing, ISBN: 978-90-824206-3-0
2017 NRC (National Dutch Newspaper): Article on the work Sacred Grounds.
2017 Publication: Can(t) live (t)here, ISBN: 978-90-824206-1-6 (Group Project)
2016 Interview about Earthly Windows, on Prospects and Concepts.
2016 Magazine The Optimist: Sacred Grounds
2016 Magazine P/F: on Sacred Grounds
2016 Magazine Fotografie: on Sacred Grounds
2015 Monograph Book Sacred Grounds is published. Sub-Publishing ISBN: 978-90-824206-0-9.
2015 Sacred Grounds in Landschaft. Umwelt. Kultur. – On the New Topographics‘ Transnational
Impact; ISBN 978-3981756814 Museum für Photographie Braunschweig, Germany.
2015 One photo from Climatebuffers in Catalogue Holland op zijn Mooist: ISBN 9789462580862
2014 Climatebuffers in Newspaper NRC Handelsblad
2014 Climatebuffers in book Hitte in de Delta
2013 Sacred Grounds on Ilovethatphoto.com blog
2013 Serie The Monastery in Magazine Zinvol.
2013 Serie The Monastery in Newspaper Trouw
2013 In Book NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2013, Gup Magazine.
2013 Interview on Silence in Newspaper Trouw
2012 Monthly page in Newspaper Trouw from series: Sacred Grounds
2012 Radio-interview on Sacred Grounds on National Radio 1.
2011 Picture in A Book of Beds, selection of Foam Magazine Talent photographs.
2010 Publication in magazine Landwerk,
2010 Monograph: Hollands Paradijs, De binnentuin van de Randstad. (Dutch Paradise, the Inner Garden of the Randstad) A photobook, ISBN: 978-90-815591-1-9
2010 Gerard en de Zorgboerderij. Photobook commisioned by the Taskforce Multifunctional Agriculture.

2013 – present Teacher Digital Workflow and Skills in Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
November 2018 Artist-in-Residence, Härlosa, Sweden
April 2017 Artist-in-Residence, Leveld, Norway