19 April, 2018


Photos: This chapter contains 8 images in which you look towards the Mont Ventoux, here I show 4 of them. The panorama of Mont Ventoux, is one unending 360 degree image; Because of its size it I show 2 parts here.

The Renaissance:
Echoing the Italian poet Petrarch, I made the ascent of Mont Ventoux. Petrarch wrote about his ascent of Mont Ventoux on April 26th 1336 in a well-known letter. This letter is often cited in discussions on the new spirit of the Renaissance. Petrarch would have been the first to climb a high mountain, just to enjoy the view. By looking into the world atop this mountain, he leaves the introspective, inner, world of the Medieval Period. The vista provides a reorientation on the then prevailing worldview. Philosopher Ton Lemaire writes the following on this: Petrarch’s vista is, as it were, a vision at the opening of a new era: the ascent of the high mountain will expand and spatialize the Christian worldview, and in the end it will evaporate it.

For more information on the visual approach, take a look at the artist statement here