Photos: This chapter contains 8 images in which you look towards the Mont Ventoux, here I show 4 of them. The panorama of Mont Ventoux, is one unending 360 degree image; Because of its size it I show 2 parts here.

The Renaissance:
Following in the footsteps of Petrarch, I climbed the Mont Ventoux in France. On 26 April 1336, this Italian poet described his ascent of this mountain in a famous letter today often cited in discussions centring on the new spirit of the Renaissance. Petrarch is believed to be the first person to have climbed a mountain for the sole purpose of enjoying the view. By looking at the world from the mountain’s peak, he was able to relinquish the self-reclusive, inner world of the Middle Ages. The vista provided a new orientation to the then prevailing vision of the world.

For more information on the visual approach, take a look at the artist statement here