Rootless Trees Will Fall

Rootless Trees Will Fall
A brief history of Skåne and other short stories

The short stories created in this body of work are an exploration of what happens within the landscape. Landscapes, either in the experience of walking, or in the form of painting and photography, have always fascinated me. In many ways they show how we as a society
see and use the world.

These stories are created as part of a one-month Artist-in-Residence in Harlösa, Sweden. As part of the project Art Ecology and Science I had been asked to reflect on How can the Arts describe the very search for a greater understanding through the science of details?

During this residency a few things came together. The surrounding area of Harlösa, with its history of barley, sugar, horses and hay; and how the area was shaped through land consolidations. Together with the archeological findings in this area, and the research
done at MaxIV laboratory led to an idea on sustainability, circularity and meandering flow. Which in turn opened up the research question how can a photographic approach give a new perspective on the Skåne landscape?