Riverlandscape at Wijk bij Duurstede 2022

Riverlandscape at Wijk bij Duurstede is a digital montage on the Lek river. It is a contemporary interpretation of the famous Jacob van Ruisdael painting Molen bij Wijk bij Duurstede from circa 1670.

Just as Jacob van Ruisdael focused on the mill in his own time, as a modern and monuemntal element within the landscape. So too did I focus on contemporary structures in the landscape. Besides the mill, eventhough a newer rebuild version of the time of Van Ruisdael, I looked at the civil-engeneering structure of the crossing of the Lek River with the Amsterdam-Rhine-Channel, with its impressive Princess Irene-Sluices.
Besided the obvious place and content similarities with the painting of van Ruisdael. It is as much inspired by other paintings who have used multiple perspectives to arrange a sense of movement through the landscape.

This photograph is shown at Werk aan het Spoel in Culemborg 2022, for LekArt festival.